Участь у проектах

«Memory Without Borders»

The National preserve «The castles of Ternopil» from January, 2012 had launched a new project of international scale under the symbolic name: «MEMORY WITHOUT BORDERS». 

On this stage project comprises a relatively small territory with the center in the town of Vyshnivets (Ukraine, Zbarazh district, Ternopil region). The main factor, which stimulated us to do this job, was a lot of foreign visitors who very often visit Vyshnivets to find out some information about the past of their ancestors. Nowadays the National preserve «The castles of Ternopil» has sufficient resources to help such people. The scientific workers of the National preserve have a considerable experience to deal with archives and scientific establishments of Ukraine and foreign countries; even more, we are able to visit the territory where your ancestors used to live, to examine different records in the churches or to poll representatives of senior generation, who can still remember something. Depending on the results of this work on the base of the National preserve we will arrange meetings for the participants of the project. 

As a participant of this project can become anyone, whose past, or the past of his family is related to the southern part of historical Volhynian territory in the outskirts of Vyshnivets. Many inhabitants of this ancient town and nearby villages of different nationalities and in different times were happened to be forced to leave this territory. In the majority of cases their fate, as well as the fate of the town itself was very tragic. Many of them even today live with a dream to see this land once again – the place, where they were born or spend their childhood. We also invite their descendants to take part in this project, people who know about this land only from the stories of their parents or grandparents, and who are not indifferent to the past of their families. We know that there are a lot of such people all over the world. We hope that someone with our help will manage to find the relatives here, whom for different reasons had lost a contact with. Someone will be able to open the pages from the life of ancestors unknown before, and someone simply will just come here and visit the place which he dreamed about. 

We invite representatives of different nationalities and countries who is interested in this project to become its participant. If you like to take part in this project you have to send a letter with your short biography, and also as much information as possible about the past of your ancestors related to the above mentioned territory (it is possible to add documents etc). Letters can be written in Ukrainian, English, Polish or Russian and send on E-mail kybaljuk@yandex.ua 

This work isn’t aimed to get a profit and is carrying out for free.